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A Decentralized no-code NFT and RWA Marketplace Revolution

No Code, No Limits

Unleash your creativity without coding skills. Our revolutionary No Code Creator Console empowers artists to effortlessly launch and create NFTs. The power is in your hands!


Explore thousands of digital assets

RWA Projects

Revolutionizing real-world assets on the blockchain, RWA projects bridge traditional finance with decentralized technology, unlocking new opportunities and liquidity in the digital era.

Over 100,000+ collectibles

Explore a vast universe of over 100,000 collectibles, each telling a unique story on XDSea's decentralized NFT marketplace

Active Community

Dive into the vibrant and active XDSea community, where creators and collectors unite in the decentralized NFT space.

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NFT Staking for Creators and Users:

XDSea is not just a marketplace; it's a community. Stake your NFTs for added benefits, and participate in the vibrant XDSea community-centric experience

AI Staking Wizard for NFT Creators:

For NFT creators, our AI Staking Wizard simplifies the staking process, offering a hassle-free way to maximize returns on your digital assets.

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Explore the world of digital assets

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