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Providing Everything You Need

Create with DIMO Studio

We support projects from the ideation stages  itself and help design and develop the artwork with our inhouse team of professional artists.

DIMO's Incubation 

 We act as an incubator platform to grow your idea into a fully functional NFT project

DIMO's Expertise 

 Provide utility to your projects and  get various enterprise tie ups. We will understand and analyse your projects and implement it on the best suited blockchain for it.

DIMO's Support

 We will support the project with community and marketing support.
We got  your  smart contracts and other technical needs coeverd too.

Grow With DIMO

By understanding your projects and the theme behind it we will aim to  add value to the projects via various tie ups , collabs with other NFT projects and launch an exclusive collection.

DIMO's Outreach Program

Influencer strategies,marketing and 
Implementing our unique community outreach programs to support the project and grow their community. 
Designing and implementing social media startegies (Twitter,Discord, Instagram etc) 

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