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Empowering Possibilities: One Token, Infinite Utilities

At the heart of DIMO's mission to revolutionize the blockchain landscape lies the powerful DMO Token. More than just a digital currency, DMO Token is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities and innovation in the blockchain space

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What is DIMO Token

The DIMO Token, at the heart of our ecosystem, transcends the conventional digital asset. With cross-chain capabilities, it seamlessly navigates multiple blockchains, integrating natively with influential DApps like XDSea NFT Marketplace, RoRo Wallet, and ZebraSwap for enhanced functionality.


Beyond a store of value, it's a versatile tool, offering governance participation, staking rewards, secure and transparent transactions, and access to a spectrum of services.


DIMO Token's borderless nature allows you to explore new opportunities, fostering innovation across blockchain ecosystems. Join us in this transformative journey, unlocking the potential of DIMO Token within our dynamic ecosystem.

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Utility-Rich Tokenomics

Native Integration with Leading DApps

DIMO Token is a powerhouse of utility. Holders can access an array of services, participate in governance decisions, stake for rewards, and more. It's not just a store of value; it's a tool for innovation.

DIMO Token isn't just compatible with decentralized applications (DApps), it's natively integrated with some of the most influential DApps in the crypto space.This native integration enhances its functionality and usability, making it an essential tool for users of platforms like XDSea NFT Marketplace, RoRo Wallet, and ZebraSwap

Cross-Platform Versatility

Break free from the constraints of a single blockchain. DIMO Token's cross-platform compatibility enables you to explore opportunities, collaborate, and transact across diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Multichain Empowerment

Unleash the Power of Connectivity

Discover the true potential of DIMO Token's multichain compatibility. Seamlessly traverse between different blockchains, unlocking a world of cross-platform interactions and expanding your reach like never before.

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Native Integration with Leading DApps

Seamless Integration, Amplified Functionality

DIMO Token effortlessly integrates with top-tier DApps like XDSea NFT Marketplace, RoRo Wallet, and ZebraSwap. This native integration enhances the capabilities of these platforms, empowering users with enhanced functionality and streamlined experiences.

Ecosystem Building Support

Growing Together, Thriving Together

DIMO Token plays a pivotal role in supporting ecosystem development. Whether it's funding projects, enhancing partnerships, or driving innovation, the token serves as a catalyst for growth within our interconnected network.

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Private Sale-5%


Token Sale-3%

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Community - 55%

The Community would be allocated majority of the token to facilitate various sort of value generation events in the community rangin from, staking, yield farming, airdrops.


Farms: allocated reserves would stand at 18% of the community reserves

Staking: allocated reserves would stand at 27% of community reserves

Treasury -12%

The Treasury fund will be used for securing partnerships and bounty programs with minimal funds flowing through to day-to-day operations not covered by the team tokens pool.

Pre-sale:7% and Token sale 3%

A cumulative of 10% will be held aside for pre-token sale and token sale

Private Sale: 5%

This 5% will be reserved for seed,VC,private,strateguc, KOL and or angel rounds

Team 15% and Advisors- 3%

The team tokens will follow a vesting schedule to avoid internal sell pressures which will also be used for day-to-day expenses such as salaries along with a 3% allocated to advisors who posses thought leadership qualities and are a value add to the project.

The Fee +Buyback and Burn Structure

The allocation of fees collected through the decentralized applications (dApps) in the token ecosystem :


1. 70% Returned to Staking Pools:


This approach encourages users to actively participate in the ecosystem by staking their tokens. The reward mechanism ensures a continuous flow of tokens into staking pools, fostering a sense of community involvement and incentivizing long-term holding.


2. 25% Sent to Treasury:


Allocating a portion of collected fees to the treasury provides financial stability and flexibility. The treasury can be utilized for strategic initiatives, partnerships, and other value-adding activities, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the project.


3. 5% Burned or Buyback:


The decision to burn or conduct buybacks with a portion of the fees contributes to the deflationary nature of the token. Burning tokens reduces the overall supply, potentially leading to increased scarcity and a positive impact on token value. Alternatively, buybacks can create upward price pressure, benefitting existing holders.


Returned to staking Pools in the form of a fee reward for stakers


Sent to the Treasury for developments


Sent towards Token buyback and burn

Deflationary Attributes


Token Burn: Burning a portion of the collected fees effectively removes tokens from circulation. As the total supply decreases, the scarcity of the token may lead to increased demand, potentially resulting in a deflationary impact on the token's value.


Buyback: When fees are used to conduct buybacks, the tokens are taken out of the market, reducing circulating supply. This practice can create scarcity, potentially driving up the token's value over time.

All the team tokens will follow a 4 year vesting period

Token Allocation

Token Launch(TGE)



Release Schedule

675,000,000 Tokens

25% on TGE

1 Year

4 years

25% on Token Generation Event (TGE), then 25% annually after the cliff.

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